Engagement of R. Butler and B. Taylor

Our wedding took place on July 23, 2012.
R. Butler, 33, Assembly Manager.
B. Taylor, 33, Writer.
We actually met in an Irish pub! I met friends there after a very bad date and my fiance was out with his stepdad, after having seen a concert. His dad and I bumped into one another and had a few minutes of friendly conversation. He then introduced me to his son, and we clicked instantly.

Still, I played very hard to get when he asked for my phone number. When you're in a bar, every man wants your number. My friends ran him through the ringer, asking about his work history, relationship history and hobbies. I'd planned to purchase new furniture the next day and they urged him to help me move it. He weathered it all with humor and grace, which impressed me even more.

I ultimately relented and gave him my phone number, though I didn't hold out much hope. So imagine my surprise when my phone rang the next day and it was him! His first question: "Do you still need help moving that chair?"
I think one of our fondest shared memories is our first vacation together; we both love live music, and attended a three-day festival in rural West Virginia. I have never been outdoorsy, but Richard loves to camp & hike. I mustered every bit of bravery I had and trusted him. For nine days, we road tripped and camped. We visited friends of mine in Ohio and drank in the scenery of WVa. At the festival, I went all out, sleeping in a tent, making grilled cheeses on the camp stove and braving the port-a-potties! We had a great time, and I saw a completely new side of myself. Next up - kayaking!

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