Anniversary of Zadok and Emunah

Zadok and Emunah celebrated their anniversary on June 26, 2012.
Zadok. Lives in New Haven, CT.
Emunah. Lives in New Haven, CT.
Zadok did his usual online teachings on the Shabbath day, like always he offered to give the microphone over to any one who would like to give praises unto the Most High. This specific day as if it were the first time Emunah heard the call and came up to the microphone to sing a special song of praise. As he retells the story "the day I heard her voice it entered into his ears and cascaded down activating something within my soul". This is the day Zadok & Emunah first met spiritually destined to be something more all while they were yet site unseen. -TMH (Todah Most High)
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