Anniversary of Richard and Jenifer R Daniels

Richard and Jenifer R Daniels celebrated their anniversary on July 1, 2004.
Richard, 39, Senior Writer. Graduated from Western Michigan University, English, 1999. Lives in Charlotte, NC.
Jenifer R Daniels, 33, Communications consultant/Adjunct faculty. Graduated from Wayne State University, MA Communications, 2003. Lives in Charlotte, NC.
Richard and I met online - of all places. Being one of the first couples that we knew who met online initially led us to tell a 'white lie' about how we met; but now we proudly proclaim it.
After 8 years of ups and downs, we are still going strong. We have two children - Jordan, 5, and Ross, 4 months. We love to see ourselves in them as we find that we are raising 'mini-mes'.
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