Anniversary of Robert Ford and Jamisha Ford

Robert Ford and Jamisha Ford celebrated their anniversary on June 25, 2012.
Robert Ford, 25, Consultant. Graduated from Howard University, BS Economics, 2009. Lives in Washington, DC.
Jamisha Ford, 25, Journalist. Graduated from Howard University, BA Journalism, 2009. Lives in Washington, DC.
We were teenagers at Miami Central Senior High in Ms. Jones' third period English class together. Robert chiseled away at my shy exterior and eventually gained my friendship by asking for a pen everyday. His intentions were obvious, but I decided to play along. We eventually became best friends and were inseparable.

We're not sure when we officially became an "item". We just knew that we were in love.
There's one thing I always knew: Rob loves his brother, Tim. So, I had the best 25th bday idea. I told him we were having a day with just us. Lies. I got a hotel room. The look on his face - priceless. I can only imagine what he thought. He walked into the dark room, saw the rose petals on the floor & said, "Girrrl". Before he could finish, a group of our friends screamed "surprise!" That wasn't it. I told him he had to find his gift in the bedroom. He looked under the bed. Not there. He turned around & there was his brother from Miami. He laughed & smiled so hard he was in tears.
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