Anniversary of Cory Garner and Rasheeda Shears Garner

Cory Garner and Rasheeda Shears Garner celebrated their anniversary on March 19, 2011.
Cory Garner, Senior Technical Recruiter. Graduated from University of Georgia, B.A Business. Lives in Atlanta, GA.
Rasheeda Shears Garner, Asset Manager. Graduated from Georgia State University, BBA Marketing, 2006. Lives in Atlanta, GA.
“I offered to buy her a drink and she shot me down,” recalls Cory when asked how he met his new wife, Rasheeda. Mutual friends brought the duo together at a sports bar after an Atlanta Hawks game. He adds, “I thought she looked like Freddie from [the former television show], A Different World.” “I thought he was trying to sell me insurance (the field Cory worked in at the time) so I didn’t think much of him,” Rasheeda explains. Although they got off to a shaky start, the twosome ended up chatting the night away and even closed down the bar. After a failed attempt to grab grub at a local eatery they landed at Cory’s cold apartment — Rasheeda jokes that his roomies didn’t pay the electricity bill — and began an undeniable friendship.
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