Wedding of Brandon Allen and Sharisse Summers Allen

Our wedding took place on June 26, 2011.
Brandon Allen. Lives in Chicago, IL.
Sharisse Summers Allen. Lives in Chicago, IL.
When Sharisse and Brandon first met, they didn’t jump into a relationship, but they definitely made an impression on one another. While other women tried to flirt their way onto his radar, he’d already honed in on Sharisse. His first impression? An evocative “damn.” (That’s a quote.) At the time, she was entertaining a dog (name witheld to protect the not-so-innocent), but his quick wit and intelligence at a March Madness party was definitely noted. (The height didn’t hurt either.) “I hadn’t let go of my ends and he hadn’t either," she said. "We were really on and off and time would pass where we wouldn’t talk that much." Chemistry refusing to be denied, the two met in March 2008 and were on a cruise to the Bahamas with Brandon’s family by June. It was a done deal for him when, after he had to have a couple of surgeries, Sharisse (who works from home), offered to work from his house and take care of him. "It said a lot about her character, because at the time I wasn't being the best friend," he said. They took care to (gently) break hearts and settle up their bets elsewhere before committing to one another. "We knew we were into each other," she said.
The couple makes sure other people don't influence their relationship, and they recognize the role that one's spouse plays. “The understanding that my husband is first above my mom and my brother, that was an important realization for me,” she said. A self-described control freak, Sharisse adjusted to the idea that the husband leads the household, as instructed by the Bible. “I understand the kind of woman that I married,” Brandon said. “I don't need to control a lot to lead. I need to be aware but she’s got it, and when she needs a sense of direction, I’m here.” - Akeya Dickson
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